Date and Time :Monday 28/7/2003 1:26 AM
Subject :golden brightness to my dear Lara

My Dear Lara,

The golden brightness of the day has given me the opportunity to write to you. How're you doing? optimistic fine. Guest who? it's Dumaka Benson, a guy who saw your profile in the internet my dear few days ago. I know time and distance has made me not to know and see what my heart longed and seeked for, but now speaking to you has alliviated the turture knowing that you are somewhere, has also open my mind to reality.You know we all are in a small global world and ought to know every one that shows interest or comes our ways, even with out a dime on me, I would still consider my self rich.

This may sound flattered, but I know you are out therereading my mail, mind you that getting to know you gonna be a deligth to me. Can you hear me? sometime I stop and think how my world would have been like without knowing people like you. One's presence around me strengthens me so much, that is why I never get discouraged in everything I'm doing. Permit me to say, you made me forget my past when I saw your profile; I asked myself, so there are people longed for while there is vacant for those that are willing.
There is no way to measure the amount of automatic happiness thatreturned to me, heaven knows this. I believed love is a great thrill for every one.
Sanity, I am told through the back door goes when love comes knoking.
Mine must be done, but who care? Loving is more than what makes up for anything that is lost.Knowing you with all sincerity is the best thing that can happen to me. Look there is nothing precious than when two oving hearts are compre hensive. Hearing a voice afar from a beach that a friend is one who takes time to listen and talk things over with you. One who is always loyal to you no matter what it cost. know you that a friend will always believe in you and you should always expect the best from him, you will always stand
your grand both in summer and in winter, but loving friend is what makes the difference, therefore let me be the knight you ve' areamt of wearing your favourite amour now and forever.

Thanks for the laughter and joy you brought forth into my life.
I am a Nigerian. 25 years of age, male and Friendly.
And I will like to know more about you.


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