Date and Time :Thursday 11/9/2003 10:10 PM
Subject :Are you there?

My Angel,
I really don`t write to you to my satisfaction in the afternoon. We were told that those task force agents that are hunting scammers will be trooping in again so I was in a haste in order not to fall an inocent victim.
I am relaxed now b/cos the manager has promised to vindicate me when they come again.
The only restriction that affected me is that no more carryoing of diskets were I stored the scanned copy of my pics meant for you. What I will do about it is that I will take more pics and send them by post; that will take some time to make changes.

How are you today, hope you are still finding it easy with your film preparation? I will like to watch you on the sreen. Do inform me when it is out.

I wish you cool dreams and never forget about me.
Your Destiny, Ben.

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