Date and Time :Thursday 11/9/2003 10:40 PM
Subject :Re: When are you free?

Dear Samantha,

Sorry, I could not get back to you b/4 now due to some circumstances that seems to be beyond my control. Thank God it is calmed.
How are you today, hope fine? I trust you.

In response to your mails, I will be happy to hear that your Visa is out.
I will be always chanced to see you fly over as I am fully disposed to receive you. It is sounding as if you are hee with me already. My dream!!!

I need to see more of your pics since you`ve got new scanner in the office.
You should send aslo a copy of your flight schedule by attachment.

I am here for you, Ben.

Thank you What's The Bloody Point? for the free webspace.