Date and Time :Tuesday 13/1/2004 11:31 PM
Subject :when i come back i will mail you ok

Dear robin,
we are traveling home for the case of the palace which l
tell you that the burnt down on the eve of the new year,
the state governor send delegate to come and assess the
amount of damages done to the traditional palace so I was
not chanced today to meet Kenneth so when I come back with
my mother we have to send the picture to you am trying to
tell Kenneth to go with me if he agreed you know that
immediately we come back I have to send the picture to
you, am trying all my best to see to the smooth conclusion
of this project, because it my life, please pray for my
family, so that we come back safely, those wicked ones are
there, but ones with God is with majority, my regard to
your family, my mother always send her regards to you but
you never ask of her why, until when we comes back God
bless you ,
from princess

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