Date and Time :Friday 16/5/2003 9:36 PM
Subject :Re: Are you there?

Pascal Honey,

I was waiting all day for your email. In the end I gave up and got some much needed sleep. Only to wake and remember what awful things I have done. Thank god you emailed me Pascal. I don't know if I could cope another night without hearing from you. After this email I am going to grab something to eat and try and get some more sleep.

Did you organize everything with customs in Lome? I am a little worried about not having my visa ready, but I trust you Pascal. I doubted you once, but I promise I will never doubt you again.

I will try my best not to drink until I am in your arms Pascal. When we meet I will be too happy to want to drink anymore.

I know what I did was a terrible thing, but I hope you can forgive me. We can start a new life together Pascal away from here.

Write soon
Love Lara

P.S. I emailed the lawyer and organized a meeting Monday morning (they have not responded). Things should move a lot faster once I am in Lome.

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