Date and Time :Wednesday 14/5/2003 8:12 AM
Subject :Re: fund transfer

Dear Will,

Your voice is so SEXY. I am dying to speak to you in person. I lessoned to your voice over and over again your voice just drives me WILD. I look forward to seeing a photo of you dressed up in a black suit that would be wonderful, Will.

For a deal of this magnitude I need to know exactly whom I am dealing with. As soon as I get your photo I will send you mine with my full details. I'll try and find a nice photo to send you. I am sorry to be so pushy about the photo, but I once met this “guy” on the Internet. It turns out “he” wasn’t a guy, but a lesbian with a really deep voice. We had phone sex and everything, I felt so violated. A photo of you in a black suite would prove to me you are for real. Plus men in black suites really turn me on ;>

I tried calling you again today Will, but had no luck.


P.S. I am going to lesson to your SEXY voice again ;>

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