Date and Time :Saturday 17/5/2003 5:21 PM
Subject :i will try my best

My baby,
I am back from the little meeting i went and they adjourned untill tomorrow in the evening after church service but i will try my possible best to meet with you first eye my love but just in case if there is a time choke,thats why i make the arrangement my love. Everything will be fine i will just call her and see if i can get a pick of her right now i think that they have gone somewhere and it has been raining heavily since afternoon so she may be staying put somewhere but everything will be fine my love.I love your tommy the way it is dont worry just controlled diet will put you in the right shape.Be very careful my dear so that nothing goes wrong this time i have waited for too long to have you in my arms,what of the handset do you still have it?


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