Date and Time :Saturday 17/5/2003 9:30 PM
Subject :Re: i will try my best

Dear Pascal,

I am glad you will try and meet me at the airport. Thank you for trying to get the picture, I will feel more comfortable knowing what she looks like. I will try and check my email in France, so I can see her. I still have the handset; it is still in its box. The Police had to give everything back to me once I was found not guilty.

I spent the afternoon getting rid of any evidence relating me to you Pascal. I do not want the Police looking for me through you when I reach Lome. Once we get the money we have to leave Togo as soon as possible secretly. When they discover Angelina is dead I will be their first suspect. I want to start a new life together with you Pascal without the stress of getting hunted down by the police.

In less than a day we will be together at last, my love. I better try and get some sleep now.

Love your future wife

P.S. I do hope you are at the airport to greet me. Our first night together will be magic.

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