Date and Time :Friday 25/4/2003 6:19 PM
Subject :So nice of you

When we finish with this deal, i am sure that i will get to meet with you face to face.That you have hearing problem means nothing to me only making me to understand how you feel but as long as life goes on and i would not like you to get very upset about your condition if we finish this and i see you face to face i am not scared of the issue of men in your life dying i will defy that.

This deal is very sensitive in my office so i must keep my id secret that is what i mean because if in any way i am found out to be involved,that would be the end of both the deal and my job still i would be in trouble.I expect that this deal will finish soon so that i can get to give you the affection you require right now i am financially down and was very lucky that i had this opportunity so that i can achieve my ambition you cant believe it that my wife left me after having taking a loan from my office to start a trade for her living me betrayed. I know you have been unhappy for sometime from the tone of your mail but i will be prepared to give you the best i can so please take care while we watch events unfold.Have a nice weekend i would not be coming to office tomorrow but i will send you a mail.I like your style of writing


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