Date and Time :Thursday 3/4/2003 3:20 PM
Subject :Urgent Attention Needed Dear Tim

Dearest one Tim,

Thanks a lot for your message and I have gone through your message and I am so happy about your message which I have passed to my mother and she was happy also.

She told me that I am big enough now to know what is good for me and I have to be very careful taking decission as this is my life time decission but I have told her that you are a nice and caring man as I have seen and dreamed about.

About the size of the ring I will go to the ring dealers here to check the size of my finger and give you the excert size as soon as I finish sending this meesage to you.

About my sent message where I was talking about man instead of woman this is what I wanted to write as it was a typical error. "I want to be a responsible woman as my mother told me that every man who got her wife a virgin have a proud of her wife and due respect for her as my mother told and shown it to me in the bible."

I will meet with the lawyer to explain to him about your arrangement to come down here to conclude the transaction. I hope that he will be very happy also to meet with you as he have been nice to us.

I will sent the size of the ring as soon as I finish finding out from the dealers as I have told you. My mother's health is not yet ok but I am praying so much that the Almighty God will assist us and heal her instantly.

I know really Tim that you cares for me and I stronly beleive that you will never disappoint me as I have been putting our relationship in prayers since I got in contact with you.

I will be waiting to hear from you soonest.


Yours Ever Loving,


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