Date and Time :Thursday 25/9/2003 11:08 AM
Subject :Re: I could not here you very well

Hi My Love,

> I thought it was your games. Thas was why I accused you of doing that.
I would not play games with you.

> The line was very bad, even when you tried
> speaking, I was unable to pick a word.
I know I could hardly hear you either. Most of thw words were broken up.

> Who is that man that first picked my call? I am sure it was a man`s
> voice.
That was my brother Bruce. He is staying with me for a while until he
travels back to the US. Bruce gave me the phone after he answered, but I
could hardly hear you.

> This is a good day. Take absolute care of yourself for me. Ben.
This is a good day.


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