Date and Time :Friday 4/4/2003 11:51 PM
Subject :Two Problems (Your Flight Destination & Mom)

Dearest One Tim,

Thanks a lot for your message darling, but you know that I am still a virgin and I have never told my mother about all these now.

I have lots of problems now, the lawyer called me and explain to me the problems in this country now which I am aware of and this makes me feel so bad but I later thaugh of it and know that he is right.

Please darling, I want to ask you for a favour as I know that due to our love you will do it for me. Now that this country is having little political crisis I wish that we respect the lawyer's instruction that you re-book and change your flight destination please darling for my love sake I am pleading.

You know that I care a lot about you as well as making you to know that I so much love you but I am only afraid of making love yet since I am still a virgin. Please try to understand that I care for you that is why I am asking you to understand that loosing two days but to make sure that we meet in pease is all my concern.

You must promise me that you will make the changing to arrive directly in Ghana as I am yours forever and I am promising you that I will send more pictures to you so that you will be getting closer to me while waiting for the extention of two day please darling, am pleading.

I am having two problems now

(1) Is about you to accept to make the changes please for the sake of my love for you please darling do it and re-book your destination because of the situation. Even the road to Ghana is very bad as I don't want you to have pains after the driving to Ghana. There are lots of things going on in this country now that they are having political problems.

(2) When I sent my last message I told you that the doctor called me to come straight to the hospital. When I got there I noticed that my mother condition is very bad as she can not talk anymore which make me to be so sad but when I look at your picture I felt a bite ok.

The doctor said that if her situation continue like this she will be taken to any of the better hospitals outside this country which he never tell me which country she will be taken to for now till we look at her situation.

We have spent all the little money with us now in buying some expensive injections and drugs for her, I hope that she will be alive for me as she and you is the only happiness I have now.

I can not be happy if my mother will be dead while we will be enjoying in Australia, as I want her to enjoy and see her daughter marry her own choosen husband given by God Almighty.

I wish to hear from you as I want to go to the hospital because I will pass the night there in the hospital with her.

Please darling try and put considerations to the issue of changing the flight destination and schedule as I have promised to send more of pictures to you darling please promise me darling.

I wish to hear from you soonest, and if you love me and care for me try and understand that you have to care about my feelings also so try and bear the two days diffrent in meeting with me as I am also so anxious to meet with you.


Yours Ever Loving Wife,


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