Date and Time :Saturday 17/5/2003 10:09 PM
Subject :Your magic photo

My Dear Will,

I received your photo. Your sexy voice goes very well with your sexy baby face. I have just finished printing out your photo and will hang it up in my room. I will look at your photo until I go to sleep tonight, my daring Will.

I am also very busy Will, have an archaeology business I need to run. I am out of the office a lot to inspects archaeological sites and artifacts. We specialize in Tombs. Mobile phones cause brain damage so I REFUSE to use one. That is why you get my voice mail a lot.

I really like to look after myself health wise. I exercise a lot and eat correctly. I only do one bad thing to myself, drinking. I am finding it impossible to give up alcohol.

I was born on Valentines Day (14th Feb) 1968, but do not tell any one my age :) I am still younger than you Will. I am only 34.

I will buy a tripod and camera with a timer tomorrow. I will take some photos of me and send them to you.

Anyway I am really tired so I am off to bed with your lovely photo ;>

Love Lara

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