Date and Time :Tuesday 20/5/2003 8:00 AM
Subject :Re: fund transfer

Dear Mr Nigerian Scammer,

It is not too late to give up scamming. It is obvious that you are only new at this game because you are very bad at it. You should try and get a real job.

> dear mr nobody,
I prefer, Mrs somebody :)

> iN all sincerity i have given you my personal details,
You have not given your personal details. You made them up, just like I did. Or one of your scammer friends made it up because you are NOT SMART enough to do your own scamming. I bet you haven't even made any money in the scamming business. I am pretty stupid and I didn't fall for your scam.

> even my personal phone number
So what, I gave you my personal number.

> and my photograph; now you make me
> feel i have wasted my time.

Time is money in the scamming business. Also money wasted on phone calls and email access.

> talking about nigerian 419 scam ,i too recieve scam mails,

> but that does not make my proposal a joke.
I know it is not a joke. These scams are not a laughing matter. People like you are stealing money from hard working men and women.

> i am truely disappionted as i have made a wrong move by
> already declaring you a next of kin.
I think you are lying to me again.

> i will have you know that i am not a game player,
You seem to know the terms the scammers use.

>i have made my living through law practice.
No you have not. If you had you would not be trying to scam people.

>i not only have a reputation to protect
You might have a reputation, but you have protected it by not using you real name.

> but i am also a father(devorcee).

> now it seems like if i am begging you to earn some money,
At least begging is better than scamming. When begging you are not tricking people out of their money.

> well its only because i have already made you next of kin.
You are lying to me again Willi.

> if you are still in ,
I may be stupid, but I am not that stupid.

>let me know and give me your full id
Would you like my credit card number as well? With expire date and security code? Maybe all my bank details with access codes? Would you like my house as well?

> some that i can harmonize the documents and send it to you as you
> will be needing it for the claims.
I do not need documents to claim pretend money.

> now you have become untrustworthy.
You were always untrustworthy.

> williams edward smith.
> Atorny at law (SMITH CHAMBERS)


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