Date and Time :Wednesday 30/4/2003 11:49 PM
Subject :Re: My love

Dear sweet Pascal,

I managed to get a flight in two days time. I get into Lome Saturday 5:15pm on Air France flight code AF 852. I am so excited to see you. I am a little scared about using Angelina's passport, but I should get away with it.

I am so tired; it has been a very busy day. I had to organise my flight and then go to the bank. I think the teller was a little surprised when I took out 10,000 pounds, but she knows I deal in expensive artefacts. I had to wait until Angelina went to sleep before I packed. I promised I would spend the day with her tomorrow, so I will not have much time to do much on Friday. It is past midnight now. I will email Barrister Leopld Ngoto tomorrow.

I cannot believe I am finally going to hold you in my arms my love. Your face is imprinted into my mind so I will have no problems recognising you at the airport. I look at your photo in my room all the time.

I have emailed the my buyer for the artefacts. I should get a good price, I have done business with him before. He is going to meet me on Sunday in Accra-Ghana. We can both drive up there Sunday morning after we spend the night together. I am so excited Pascal my love.

You would be so proud of me, I did not drink at all today.


P.S. here are the flight details.

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