Date and Time :Monday 27/10/2003 9:12 AM
Subject :informations from kenneth

Dear mr bruce banner,

Thank you very much for your letter, I will try to call you when I arrive
London, but I will be on transit, I don’t think that I will be allow to
enter inside the city, or when I arrive Paris –France I will called you to
give you my telephone number when I finally pick one in their airport on my
arrivals,pls keep your eyes on the wash for my call ok.and start making
arrangement of our meeting in Paris –France to finally conclude this
transaction ok,because I will like I and you to go to the security company
in Paris together for clearance ,then after clearance I and you will now
open a non residential account where all the fund will be transfer to then
finally to your account in London.

Pls expect my call ok



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