Date and Time :Sunday 17/8/2003 11:17 PM
Subject :I am all packed

My dear sweet Ben,

I have just finished packing it has been a long day. It took a while for
my hang over went away from my drinking session last night with Angelina.
I have my tickets, visa and passport all ready. I will give you a call on
234XXXXXXXXXX when I get off the modem. It will be nice to speak with
you. I am feeling very nervous about finally meeting you my love. I know
everything will be ok, but it is a lot of changes for me. It is a very
early start for me tomorrow I need to get some sleep. I am having trouble
keeping my eyes open now because we had a very late night last night.

I am looking forward to our first night together my love. I have packed
my sexy underwear you saw in the photos I sent you.

I love you
Love Lara

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