Date and Time :Tuesday 26/8/2003 12:13 AM
Subject :Hello

Dear Ben,

Things are going well for me. Work is treating me well. W are making some progress with our genetic engineering. I do not share your feelings for the lord though Benson. I am sorry I do not believe in god. I have some photos I can send you. I will have to get them into the computer though. I will see if I can use work's scanner.

I do not watch much television I find it a waste of time. My role model is my mother. Seafood is my favourite food. I work full time and late so the best time to catch me is late evening around 10pm until about mid night. Sometimes I am up later like now (it is past 1am now).

Tell me about yourself Benson. Are you in a relationship? Do you have a special girl?


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