Date and Time :Friday 4/4/2003 5:14 PM
Subject :Another Of My Photo

Dearest One Tim,

Thanks so much for your picture as you are such a handsome man full of respect and responsible. I saw my sent picture where you hanged it by the side of your office in the picture you sent to me. I am very happy seeing how caring and loving you are.

I have measured my finger for the ring as you have directed me to do with a loop and it is 2.4inches lenght. I hope that you understand it as you have told me.

The lawyer called me after I have discussed the issue of your coming with him and said that you should try and buy gifts for the three directors of the security company like good GSM mobile phone and wriste watches.

I hope that we will settle the lawyer after everything or if you wish you can get little present for him as gift but the most important one is for the three directors of the security company.

I want to rush to the hospital now as I was called by the doctor on my way to sent this message to you that my attention is highly needed, so I have to go and know what is my attention needed for.

I will be waiting to hear from you soonest.


Yours Ever Loving Wife,


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