Date and Time :Friday 2/5/2003 10:45 AM
Subject :Where are you?

My dear Pascal,

I went to the South African High Commission this morning to pick up my visa. They are still processing it. I have to go back there just before closing today. I could only get a transit visa because otherwise they required too much documentation (where I am staying, official invites, etc). We can sort out a longer visa once I get there with you.

Please my love email me back. I missed your email this morning when I checked. Now I still have not got an email from you.

I have been negotiating with the two lawyers to get the best deal for us. I have to go now I promised I would spend the afternoon with Angelina. We are getting on so well, I feel sad I missed 10 years of her life. I also feel sad that I must leave her tomorrow.

I am still waiting to see your photos my love.


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