Date and Time :Wednesday 14/5/2003 1:25 PM
Subject :Re: fund transfer

dear lara,
i understand that you really want to speak with me in person, well i assure you that it will happen once you stay closer to your phone.i would really want to speak to you as you are sounding romantic.
from my verification i understand your time is one hour latter than mine. therefore you are to wait for my call around 10-11am tommorrow your time, may be this arrangement will work.
as for the photograph, i will send it to your e-mailbox by the week,through attachment .but as regards this business, you have to contact mr obeya immediately as he is already informed about you and he will not like disappiontments in his official sheduel.
you have to consider this urgent and do as i say.if you are really interested then you have to contact mr obeya immediately as he is the one responsible for this transfer and we have to beat time.
lots of love,
w. smith

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