Date and Time :Saturday 17/5/2003 4:23 PM
Subject :Re: i will like to come over

dear sweetheart,
i sure will like to see you.for your curiosity,these are my personal details.

william edward smith.
36yrs(30th june).
address:15A browns street,
independence layout,

about your comming over, that will be arranged as we complete the transfer. then we will have enough time and money to our selves.may be we will travell to paris,dubai , bangkok and my country as well. now as i await you photo and personal details, i want you to contact mr obeya as he does not like delays in his official payment shedule. do you really try calling me?why do i always get your voice are to know that this transaction is a confidencial will be better if you stay close to your phone so that when i call ,i can get you.
lots of love,

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