Date and Time :Monday 22/9/2003 8:32 AM

Hello again my Prince,

I just sent you a quick message to see if you are still online.

> You said I ignoed your mail, how could you think that with my
> promises to you, I can ever on earth think of that?
I hate email so much. I never know what is happening on the other end. I
just get so stressed about it when I do not hear from you my love. It
just happened twice in a row and I was feeling bad.

> You should have known my reason of not responding to you those times; i
> told you I am now as my mother`s husband.
I know you have taken the role of your father. I understand you need to
satisfy all your mother's needs. Freud might not understand, but I do.

> You were only treating me bad.
You need to understand how I am feeling as well.

> Yes I should say so since you can still be inflicting heart pains on me
> for what another person has done. Showing you you are nursing illwills
> for me even when I have tried all I could to prove my innocence.
I believe your innocence, I just get so frantic sometimes and do not
think straight.

> I will not want to tell you I am comming to the U.K for you until I call
> you in my hotel room to come and meet me.
Are you really coming to the UK? When Ben?

> As for my love for you, it is Immortal. It can never die even when I see
> you with another man. I can only be jealous.
As an actress I am often in the arms of another man in film, but it
doesn't mean anything it is just acting. Plus the media are constantly
making up stories about me to see newspapers.

> There is nothing I will let you know about the relationship comming to an
> end as the ball is in your court. Prove your love for me.
I will not bring this relationship to an end my love. I care too much for

Please write soon

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