Date and Time :Wednesday 6/8/2003 8:38 AM
Subject :I am awake now

My dear prince,

I must have just missed your email. I went to bed after I sent my last
email. I noticed you emailed me only 15 minutes later. You did not say
anything about the last photos I sent you my prince. Were you
disappointed with them? I hope you were not. I spent a lot of time posing
for those photos my love. They were for you only, but you have said
nothing of them. Please let me know what you think of my looks. I hope
you do not think I am too old for you. It took me a lot of courage to
stand in front of that camera the way I did. At the moment you have 3
photos of me and I have only one of you. I look at you until I fall
asleep each night my love. Send all my love to your mother I wish her all
the best. I wish her a quick recovery. What is the address of the
hospital? Also what bed is she staying in? I would like to send her some
flowers. Please I am dying to see more photos of you my love.


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