Date and Time :Thursday 21/8/2003 11:48 PM
Subject :Re: Please forgive me

My priority is that we emberk on a fresh, uderstanding and mutual relationship instead of nursing ill-wills to people. Despite the shame that was visited on me by your attitude, i will always have a place in my mind to forgive you even as I can see that something made you act that way. I thanks God that you`ve come to realize my innocence in life.
However, I don`t know what to say of all these frustrated scammists around that kills the countries image abroad. Though I am not a cent or the angel of God as man is bound to make mistakes or change character but I am telling you as a friend to alway put up boldness and courage to tell me as I am good at accepting mistakes.
Now that we have forgot about the past, tell me what you then think of this our relationship. Do we call it a boy and girl affair worthy of becaming man and wife tomorrow/life or friends that will alway be kept for ordinary international friendship. I don`t even know what to tell my mum again when ever she ask me of you.

Tell me about your artistic life, how your nursed the ambition and later made and how you been finding the proffession.
Tell me also about this Angelina. There was a place I saw in the net that Angeilna Joli is you and you are her; don`t just understand. May be you be my role model.
But you really played on me. i don`t so much regret my encounters with you b/cos I know that without an even, there can never be history and history is a part of knowledge.
I will still Love to hear your voice. Please do tell me when you will be calling so I can look for a number at which to waite and receive your call.

I will be waiting for your anticipated response and also like to tell you that my Love for you is real and will take a long time to ease if you should call it a just friendship affair.
Take good care of your self. I remain your, Ben.

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